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Your Ultimate Key West Vacation Travel Guide!

When you are travelling to Key-West for the first time, or you are just looking to refresh yourself, here is a complete guide for you to know about the things you are planning from the airport to Key-West. 

Although it is never possible to make a fixed travel plan when you are taking a long hauled flight, a little planning can save you from the initial airport troubles. This allows you to enjoy your travel at your desired destination. Travelling with hand luggage should be the aim of your upcoming travel. Taking heavy luggage can indulge you in several issues like handling or heavy customs. When you pack light, you get rid of any stresses throughout your journey. 

You don’t need to take a complete guide book with you; just bring the much-needed paper copies of destinations. 

Never consider joining the check-in queue along with your kids and reserve an airport lounge to keep children away from any anxiety, tiredness or boredom.

Before leaving for the trip, check all your travel documents and book an authenticated cheap park and ride Luton service for a quick and secure car park procedure at Luton Airport

Key-West Travel Tips

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Key West Travel:

Apparently, Key-west attraction has no secrets at all. It is situated in the south of the US. Its blissful beach is worth visiting and is especially ideal for those who are in love with pirates, water sports, live music, and key lime pie. The tropical island is very beautiful and you can witness glorious moonflowers, Caribbean homes and romantic views that can never be ignored. 

It is a free-spirited island and tourists consider it one of the most unique places in the US for the last two centuries. This place particularly attracts the writers who visit this magical place to revitalize and write in a peaceful time. For those who love fishing, this place is worth visiting. 

Activities in Key West: 

Start your trip with large sailboats, that takes you in the tranquil beauty backcountry. Easy paddling and gliding in shallow water flats are one of the most joyful activities there. 

Jet skis and wave runners will definitely add a thrill to your trip there and also give the chance to enjoy the scene of wonderful Key West water, surrounding the island. 

If you love snorkelling then it is the best beach to do it among hard and soft corals, colourful tropical fishes and other attractive sea creatures.

What to pack in your bags for the beach? 

Travel Luggage

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Don’t forget to bring towels, sunscreen, waterproof cameras, hats, your favourite snacks, and bikinis while visiting Key-West. To capture the beautiful memories of snorkelling adventure, a waterproof camera will be the best thing to bring with you.

Communicate with the local people regarding the affordable and best restaurants, hotels and travel packages so that you can get the most suitable options on their recommendations. Also, you can discuss the fun activities that you must consider while being in Key West. 

Compare airport parking deals at Smart Travel Deals and then book the option according to your budget. 

If you are flying to a foreign country, then make sure to pre-plan for your long haul journey. Read travel guide to Key West Tropical Island. 

  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, Jan 21, 2020

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