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Top Tips While Travelling Abroad!

An abroad travel can be a highly rewarding and life-changing experience for you.  It can very easily turn out to be a nightmare in case you become a victim of unfortunate circumstances. There are a number of things you should follow prior to any abroad travel to make it easier and smoother. With the help of below tips, you can get yourself prepared for your upcoming trip to maximize the joy of your journey:

  • The travel warning is being issued by the state department when it is advisable to postpone travel in a certain area. Such a situation arises during any civil unrest, terrorism or other emergencies
  • Keep a record of all important documents like passport, birth certificate, visa, hotel reservation confirmation receipt, cheap airport parking, driving license, etc., along with the photocopies with you during the travel. Keep the photocopies in a separate bag than the original, so that in case a set is lost, you have another one as a backup
  • Keep a note of all phone numbers and addresses of the UK Embassy in the country of your travel. It will really help to contact your embassy in case of an emergency
  • Instead of carrying the cash, prefer to get traveller’s checks or use debit/credit cards for your travel expenses. Make sure to let your bank know about your overseas travel so that they might not block your account, in view of suspicious activity
  • Belonging to another country never means that you are not required to follow the rules at your destination. Make yourself fully aware of the laws and cultural customs to get rid of any dramatic or difficult situation
  • Check out if your current cell phone plan is allowing international calling or not. Some cellular companies will only ask for a little extra to add this facility temporarily during your trip. This practice will actually save you from outrageous roaming charges

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  Posted by Sam Grayson on Mon, Apr 8, 2019

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