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Top Tips to Travel Safely in Winter Holiday Season!

To travel safely and successfully in the winter holiday season, you should get ready to navigate the storm. It’s all about to ensure your safety, whatever ice, snow, sleet and freezing rain you might come across. Any flight cancellations and delays can actually ruin the enthusiasm of the entire trip. Airlines specifically load the planes to more than 80% capacity, hence finding an empty seat in some other flight becomes almost impossible and cancelled flight can be considered a cancelled trip.

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Non-stop flight

The ugliest issues for the passenger arises when they get stuck at connecting airports as a result of flight delays or cancellation. Nothing can be more frustrating than to stuck in a connecting airport with no proper place to stay a bit and no other options than to wait for the alternate.  Try to book a nonstop flight during the holiday season to avoid getting stuck in the midway.

Reserve earliest flight

Choose your travelling time wisely to ensure maximum peace and comfort. When you opt to take an early morning flight, you will get below benefits:

  • The chances of your flight getting affected by the weather at other airports are very less
  • In case your flight is cancelled, the chance of finding another flight on the same day is better as you get an early start

Winter Travel Tips

Photo by Ashe Walker on Unsplash

Check your weather in advance

Get yourself updated with the weather condition prevailing as your flight day draws closer. In case you know about bad weather at your flight time, you can keep alternate flight arrangements in your mind in advance.

Follow the airline on social media

Follow social media accounts of your airlines to keep updated with any flight delay or cancellation alerts

Pre-book the hotel that you can cancel anytime

If you are doubting that you might have to stay overnight in the hotel at your connecting airport, then try to book a room for you in advance. Try booking a hotel that allows you to cancel the reservation in case your flight is not delayed or cancelled.

Keep devices charged

Make sure to fully charge your cell battery before leaving for the travel, so that in case you have to make any changes in the flight or get an update about the weather condition, you don’t have to search for any spot available for charging in such a crowded season.

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  Posted by Sam Grayson on Tue, Dec 10, 2019

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