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Pro Tips to Ensure Your Data Privacy While Travel?

Travelling with technology has become a daunting task now. But still, no one would ever consider leaving his cell phone, tab or laptop back at home before leaving for the family trip, as these things have predominantly become the essential part of our life now. Every passenger is seen to be very concerned regarding data security. While travelling, all of us must look for the ways that can ensure our privacy safe and secure.

Secure Your Data While Travelling

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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Take a note of these steps that can readily help you in protecting your privacy and ensure online security and safety during your travel:

  • To ensure maximum privacy, always prefer using Encrypted Network Connection. Encryption can be considered a key to the internet health. All HTTPs sites are fully secure and safe and disallow anyone trying to view your browser with bad intention.
  • Most of the websites ask about your personal information before giving you the access. When you see a green lock while trying to view a web page, it refers that the page you are trying access is fully secure and safe.
  • Make sure to turn on two-step verification for all your important accounts
  • Prefer private browsing to ensure maximum privacy
  • Once you have to go through the border control, it is recommended to turn off your cell phone so that you are asked to enter password once you try to turn it on.
  • Put password on your devices, so that no one else can access it except you
  • It is better to remove non frequently used apps. This will readily increase space on your device and also minimize the risk of any privacy leakage via certain apps.
  • Keep a back up of your phone and data back at home. This will help you to recover data in case your cell phone is damaged or lost while travelling
  • Another great idea will be to download password manager over your devices. This tool turns out to be very handy as it stores passwords for you and then creates randomized passwords.

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  Posted by Sam Grayson on Mon, Feb 10, 2020

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