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Places to Visit During the Pandemic with Negative COVID-19 Test


Due to travel restrictions during a pandemic, people get travel-starved. The government shrinks the travel corridor and restricts the entry requirements in any country, so flying abroad becomes a hassle for travelling lovers. However, it is only possible with the negative COVID-19 test. We enlist here some green-listed countries that are safe to travel for holidaying abroad. The major requirement is the COVID-19 test result. If you are planning for an abroad holiday, view our recommendation before book your holiday.


AZORES is an island of Portugal that is famous for its North Atlantic weather pattern. Many visitors choose this place for the holiday to see the breath-taking nature scenes. The good news is that British visitors can travel there by simply complying with travelling requirements. Travelers should have an EU digital COVID test certificate to travel directly from the UK to the Azores. The test result is not acceptable more than 72 hours before departure, so you may ask to get a test on arrival in the Azores. Until the negative result comes, you need to stay in the hotel for quarantine. According to surveys, precautions vary from place to place within the Azores.


Croatia is a walled city with famous Adriatic coast that makes it an attractive destination for travel lovers. The numerous islands there make it a fantasy land for many people who love such natural beauties. However, you can only go there with a negative PCR test report within only 72 hours before arrival or a negative antigen test within 48 hours before arrival. They will also allow you to enter Croatia if you completed the vaccination course more than 14 days prior to travelling. You need to fill the online form to find accommodation there. According to the report, the corona rate is low because of strict precautionary measures and a high vaccination rate.


Madeira has lush greenery, terracotta-tiled houses, and beautiful Atlantic weather. The breath-taking geography makes this land a worth-visiting destination for nature lovers. However, the pandemic restricted people to travel anywhere. Fortunately, the restriction has been released with some limitations. On Madeira entry from any country, the traveler needs to show the negative PCR test, which should be tested in the previous 72 hours before departure. In other cases, the passenger will be tested on arrival and quarantined until the negative result comes. If the passenger has taken the complete vaccination, then simply show the vaccination certificate, and you are good to go. At Madeira, restaurants and bars allow 2/3 capacity with the SOP of social distance and wearing a mask.


Malta is located in the middle of a Mediterranean destination. People who love sun-bath should choose this location for holiday. It features rugged terrain with a beautiful coast. The small islands with epic history make this location worth visiting for travel lovers. The best web development company in UK also suggests this location for official tours. Visitors only need to have a British vaccination certificate to enter Malta. They also need to show the negative PCR test (taken 72 hours before arrival). The restrictions as COVID-19 precautions have also been removed gradually to make tourism easier and more enjoyable.


Denmark is the perfect location for a cycling trip. Along the Baltic shore, it seems beautiful to ride a bike. This destination is found on the green list, so you can feel safe to visit there during a pandemic. The best points there are Danish cuisine, New Nordic Restaurants, and island-flecked coast. If you want to go there, ensure that you have been fully vaccinated. You should have passed two weeks of a full vaccination course to become eligible to enter Demark. People under 17 years should show their negative Covid-19 test, and younger children can also enter with their fully vaccinated parents. Digital marketing services in UK also promote these SOPs and precautionary steps to make tourism safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Barbados is the bridge to the Caribbean and tropical island, so it has many beaches to witness the natural beauty. People who love sea-sides and beaches can consider this location to get the escape from boring routine. It is marked as a safe place to visit with a negative Covid-19 test because covid-19 cases have been very low there. All inbound travelers require to give proof of recognized PCR test that should be taken not more than three days before arrival. People who have received a complete vaccination course will also be tested again on arrival to ensure safety. However, people with incomplete vaccination will be kept in quarantine for five days after taking the test. The WordPress web designer in UK also advertises and promotes their entrance requirement because these can make a major difference in Covid-19 cases count.


Bermuda brings the traveler away from the world to let them forget about every hustle of life. It is located over 600 miles away from landfall, so you are cut off from the world. There is a tight group of islands that make you witness beautiful beaches, wreck-diving sites, and caves festooned with stalactites. To go there, you need to get a complete vaccination course, or otherwise, you need to stay in a hotel for 14 days as a quarantine period. However, children under 18 with their vaccinated parents can quarantine for only a couple of days. Visitors will also be tested on arrival to ensure a negative test result. The best web design company in UK appreciates these requirements because it helps them to reduce the Corona spread.

Hope! You find your ideal location for your holidays during this frustrating pandemic. The travelling starvation can be relieved by spending your holidays at beautiful and safe destinations. The best digital marketing agency in UK and WordPress Developer in UK highly encourage these countries and cities to bring the safest points to add enjoyment to our restricted and SOPs packed lifestyle.

  Posted by admin on Mon, Sep 13, 2021

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