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Park and Ride – A Must Part of Your Travelling Checklist!

While planning a family trip, you must go for the travel arrangements in advance. It is always fun to travel with your family, but in the absence of careful planning, the level of fun decreases. Travelling is the best time to get relaxed and overcome all the tensions of tough routine life. Proper planning and execution are required to ensure a wonderful trip for you.

If you are travelling with your family, you should review the below checklist to ensure a tension-free journey:

  • Check out the available flights with a specific airline company and book the most appropriate option for your vehicle. It is better to reserve in advance if you are planning a trip during the peak holiday season.
  • If you have decided to reach the airport in your own vehicle, then you must make the parking arrangements for your car in advance to avoid any trouble on the departure day. Compare airport parking deals to go for the best one for your car.
  • When you have planned a vacation, try to finish your pending your workload. It will help you to take a stress-free beginning of your trip.
  • Keep all important documents with you during your travel.
  • Pack your travel essentials carefully. Go to the rolling of clothes and pack small items within the shoes.

Park and ride is an economical parking option for the passengers looking for short-term or long-term parking options. This is especially suitable when you prefer to self-park rather than to depend on the services of a chauffeur. Make a reservation with Gatwick Park and ride parking service to secure your parking spot in advance.

Gatwick Park and Ride

Once reserved you are instructed to:

  • Reach the parking compound on your flying day
  • Park your car in the reserved spot
  • Hop up the nearby shuttle bus service to reach the airport

On your return:

  • Take the shuttle service again to reach back the parking lot
  • Receive the vehicle and drive back to home

So, be smart and book your spot in advance for a comfortable and smooth commute.

  Posted by Sam Grayson on Mon, Apr 22, 2019

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