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Never Make Mistakes That Can Blow Your Entire Holiday Budget

You might have planned perfectly for your holiday season travel this year. But it can make your carefully crafted budget fly out the window with just one wrong move.

Budgeted Christmas Travel

Before heading for the vacations, it is really important to arrange your travel by keeping in mind your budget. By carefully calculating the Travel Essentials and Entertaining Expenses, it is really important to first have a budget and then you must stick to it. The very first mistake committed by most of the people is when they start to plan their trip without sorting out a budget.

Check out the most common mistakes committed by us that blow our budget:

Most of people think that booking your flight early gives you both peace of mind and cost savings, but the latest researches have shown that a flight booked six months or more from the departure date can be an expensive decision in some cases. The ideal way is to book your flight a couple of months ahead of the travel day.
The most ideal time to buy tickets for your Christmas travel is to book your flight in the first week of December when the prices decrease by 13%. If you are late by that, expect an immediate rise of 8% as the holiday week comes closer.

Everyone allocates the budget for flightscheap airport parking, car rentals, and food, but forget to concentrate on the little things like Tolls, ATM Fees, and Coffee/Snack Break, that can quickly add up on the trip. Add an extra £25 – £50 to your daily expenses, especially when you are planning a trip during the peak holiday seasons like Christmas or New Year. During the busy time of year like the holidays, most of us simply sketch out a rough budget and forget to dig into all the small charges, that immediately takes us above budget once we start our holidays.

Make sure to buy travel insurance during the peak seasons so that you can get a cover for any unexpected trip cancellations, missed connection, lost luggage or medical treatment.
Try to book accommodations that offer free breakfast or one meal a day as it will help you to reduce your food cost during the vacations
Research about the economical food spots at your travel destinations to avoid eating at expensive restaurants and food stalls
Always keep a note of the hidden charges while booking a specific service. For example, it may seem very good to book an economy ticket due to its cheap rate, but later on, when you have to add price to the checked bags, carry on bags, seat selection, etc., the total cost may exceed the cost of the standard ticket. Also, keep in mind the resort fees, parking rates or WiFi charges that might not be included in the hotel rates mentioned initially. Make sure to have a look at all costs before booking a certain amenity.
Check out for any hidden charges mentioned while booking cheap Luton airport parking to avoid any last-minute troubles.


  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, Dec 10, 2019

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