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How to Pick the Affordable Yet Cheap Airport Parking Amenity?

It is sometimes very confusing to find the right low-cost parking lot while going on your holidays. Every parking compound claims to be the safest and cheapest, but you can never trust its affirmation. Check out these top tips while looking for cheap airport parking options, ahead of your departure day:


While considering a certain parking service, check out the comments of the customers who have availed its services in the past. Even if you are not a first-time customer, do check its repute among the customers. Airport parking is something that you require once or twice a year, so it’s really important to check the reviews every time. In the 6 months since you have used a parking lot, things might have changed adversely and there is a chance it might have lost its reputation among the passengers.

Gatwick Park and Ride Services

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Park Mark and other Accreditation

While looking for cheap parking options, it is very important you check if a certain amenity has beed accredited by a recognized security body. Park Mark is one of the most trusted accreditation in the UK. Only those car parks are given this mark who meet the strict criteria of parking standards. If you are extremely concerned about the safety of your vehicle, consider the parking lot that has Park Mark accreditation. Their rates might be higher than other off-site parking compounds, but they are worth trying due to their high-security arrangements.

Pick the Right Service

Everyone prefers to find the cheapest parking deals while arranging car parking at the airport. But keep in mind, if you are booking a low priced car park then you might have to compromise over the standard of services to some extent. There are many top-class parking lots too, but you need to pick them after careful and thorough research.

Opening & Closing Hours

All airport parking sites must be open 24X7. If a car park is closed at certain hours, then something is definitely wrong. Planes take off and land any time, hence a reliable car park should also be available 24X7 for the passengers.

Comparison Sites

If you are visiting a comparison website, don’t search out a for the Park Mark as it is awarded to the car parks and not the comparison sites. Not all the car parks on the comparison site have Park Mark accreditation, hence before booking the parking lot make sure to check out the security measures they are doing to ensure the safety of vehicles. Compare Gatwick park and ride options at Smart Travel Deals and then reserve the one offering maximum convenience at affordable rates.

  Posted by Sam Grayson on Mon, Jan 27, 2020

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