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How to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fee?

“It is always better to exchange currency at a bank or credit union rather than to go for it at an airport kiosk or some other source”

Banks and credit unions are undoubted to be the best and most suitable places for the currency exchange, due to their low fees and reasonable exchange price.

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How to exchange currency before the trip?

If you are looking for currency exchange before the beginning of your travel, it would be the best thing to do as you will be able to get the best rates due to availability of time. Banks and credit unions mostly offer currency exchange to the customers with a little fee.

How to exchange currency in abroad?

Avoid airport kiosks or other sources like that, for currency exchange once you have landed at the destination. The best option there will be to use your bank’s ATM network.  This will allow you to withdraw cash in local currency with a little exchange fee, not more than 3%. If your bank ATM charges a fee, then try to withdraw larger amounts to avoid paying out of network ATM charges along with the foreign transaction fee.

How to manage currency exchange after the trip?

More likely, you will be offered the best deal at your bank but you must keep in mind that the bank might not accept all types of currencies. Hence, delay the exchange only when you are sure that a particular currency will be accepted at your bank, otherwise, make use of currency kiosk at the airport for an exchange (no doubt you will not get the best rate but it is better to avoid trouble at the later stage).

If you are not able to sell the foreign currency, I would recommend you to consider donating it at the destination or airport and be a part to improve the lives of some needy people in the world.

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  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, Jul 9, 2019

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