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How Meet and Greet Can Make Your Travel Stand Out from the Past?

While planning an abroad travel, have you ever noticed the seasoned travellers advise to reserve your flight in advance. Why it is recommended so? Do you understand the logic behind it? This is advised so that your travelling dates are confirmed and you can head to other travel essentials with peace of mind. Similarly, you must pay attention to your airport parking too, to get rid of any flying day hassles. Hence, to deal with it efficiently check out cheap airport parking options at Smart Travel Deals to make the best parking arrangements for your vehicle this summer!

If you have opted for meet and greet parking option, then definitely you are on the verge to enjoy remarkable parking experience with one of our quality off-site parking providers. When booked a meet and greet amenity, make sure to receive the email confirming the reservation of parking slot for your car. The confirmation email is sent to you within a few minutes of your online payment.

On your flying day, you have to follow these steps:

  • Before heading to the airport, keep a print copy or screenshot of the email confirming your reservation with the chosen parking amenity
  • Inform your parking operator 20 minutes before you will reach the airport terminal
  • Once you reach the mutually decided meeting point, hand over your car to the chauffeur so that he can park it safely in the parking lot
  • You are free to proceed with the check-in process

Upon landing back, you have to:

  • Call your car park to let them know about your return
  • As soon as you are out of departure lounge, the chauffeur will already be there to return your vehicle
  • Quickly check the condition of your car and once satisfied, head back to home

Secure your spot with meet and greet Manchester and definitely, you will quote your travel to be the best one of your life!

  Posted by Sam Grayson on Mon, May 6, 2019

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