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Heathrow Drone Protest– Two People Arrested Over Climate Change Action!

Two persons, being climate change protestors have been arrested at Heathrow Airport, as they were trying to launch drones within the exclusion zone at the airport.

Drones at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Pause, although it operates independently is a splinter group of Wider Extinction Rebellion movement and strongly opposes the expansion of Heathrow Airport. According to Heathrow Pause, it has been tried on Friday morning and the intention was to fly drones within 5 km of the exclusion zone.

However, soon after the incident, the first flight landed normally just before 5:00 BST.

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The Met police had said that this disruption has been kept confidential or at least trying to keep it to a minimal and a dispersal order has already been issued at the airport.

Forces have arrested two suspicious people over the doubts of being responsible for suspicion conspiracy to commit a public nuisance. The dispersal order has been placed till 4:30 Sunday, meanwhile huge police is also being deployed around the airport amenity.

Laurence Taylor, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, while talking about the incident, said that it’s very clear that flying drones is unlawful and is tagged as a criminal offense and anyone flying drones within the exclusion zone will be immediately arrested.

On Thursday, five people have been arrested in two parts of London, suspecting them to be drone pilots. Extinction Rebellion co-founder, Roger Hallam was also included in the arrested people.

A live Twitter stream was apparently launched at Heathrow, suggesting that two people have been trying to fly the drone. Heathrow pause has claimed that “signal jamming to frustrate” was being used for drone flights.

Heathrow Airport has confirmed that runways are opened and fully operational, and have cleared that this trial has been made as a protest to address the climate change. The spokesperson further added that t has been tackled in the best possible way through “constructive engagement and working together to address the issue”

Source: bbc.co.uk

  Posted by Leah Murphy on Fri, Sep 13, 2019

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