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Handling the Airport Parking Issues at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham is the UK’s 7th busiest airport serving the needs of millions of people every year. According to 2017 statistics, 12.9 million passengers have opted to travel from Birmingham airport for their travelling purposes. It’s located at a distance of about six miles from the center of Birmingham city.

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No doubt Birmingham airport is among the biggest airports in the UK, but with the growing needs of the passengers, it has become really important to increase its capacity in terms of space for flights and passengers. Birmingham airport is planning to grow the traveler number by 40% over the next 13-15 years. An expansion plan of £500m has been announced by the officials. The bosses are looking to attract about 18 million passengers to cater their travelling needs through Birmingham airport till 2033, up from the current number of 13 million.

This plan will help to accommodate more long and short-hauled flights. The terminal expansion is also the part of the plan to increase the space for the passengers in the coming years.

airport car parking

Birmingham Airport Expansion

Expansion plan includes following:

  • Departure lounge expansion with more space for seating, shopping area, glass mezzanine, and restaurant capacity. More spacing for baggage area and security is also part of the plan
  • Aircraft standing capacity is also planned to increase from 58 to 69
  • Direct long-hauled flights to Asia and Atlantic routes will also be ensured till 2033.
  • Flights to more cities in Europe and the Middle East will be added on completion of the expansion process

Along with the expansion, there is also a need to increase space for car parking at the airport. Many off-site companies are offering airport parking services to meet the needs of passengers. Book off-site parking services of meet and greet Birmingham to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Source: airportwatch.org

  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, Dec 18, 2018
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