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Gatwick Airport Suspended Operations Due to Drone Reports

All flight operations at Gatwick airport has been suspended as the air traffic controller has received reports about two drones been spotted on the runway.

Initially, on sighting the two drones near the airfield, the airport was closed at 9 PM on Wednesday and was re-opened at 3 AM on Thursday, but was shut again after 45 minutes to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Chris Woodroofe, chief operating officer at Gatwick has admitted that it may take a couple of days to recover from the current situation. According to him, about 10,000 people are affected due to that suspension, including 2000 whose flights have been canceled.

Sussex police have suspected it to be a deliberate act to interrupt the airport operations. The police have announced that it does not seem to be related to any suspected terrorist activity.

The official statement has been issued to apologize the passengers for the inconvenience they are facing due to it and the detailed investigations of the incident are being carried out.

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Undoubtedly, it is a very frustrating situation for the passengers who have their flights scheduled at Gatwick airport. Several passengers are being reported to be stuck at the Gatwick airport for several hours.

Gatwick airport has advised that anyone who has scheduled a flight or is coming to receive someone, must check the status of the flight before reaching the airport. It has been done for the safety and security of thousands of passengers travelling through the Gatwick airport every day.

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Source: telegraph.co.uk

  Posted by Sam Grayson on Wed, Dec 26, 2018

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