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Food Poisoning – How to Deal With it at the Destination?

While travelling in a country completely unknown to you, you can always expect travel nightmares. You really feel bad when you have spent months planning your vacations, but suddenly understand that you have caught food poisoning at the destination. You have to spend a lot of your time in your hotel washroom. Being so sick, you can have no fun and have to sit in your hotel room expecting to get better.

Food Poisoning Affects Your Travel

Photo by derneuemann on Pixabay

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You can contract this disease from undercooked meat, raw fish, dirty water, or sunny-side-up eggs. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever, diarrhea are one of the few symptoms of food poisoning.

If you are one of those unlucky travellers who have to face food-borne sickness, don’t worry your holidays are not going to be spoiled. Below tips can really help you to recover quickly:

  • Due to diarrhea and vomits, you might lose the fluid in your body. You should drink plenty of water to deal with diarrhea.
  • Drink electrolyte-fortified liquids like Coconut water and Gatorade. They really help in recovery. Soup and crackers also help a lot in restoring the much-needed electrolytes.
  • After feeling better, revert back to solid foods slowly. Eat in portions and if your stomach feels any sickness again, shift to liquid diet again.
  • Avoid coffee, dairy foods, fried and spicy foods, as they can easily upset your digestive tract
  • If you are vomiting, see blood in stool or vomit, suffering from diarrhea for more than two days, feeling severe cramps or symptoms of dehydration like dry mouth and dizziness, you should immediately take an appointment with a local doctor so that he can prescribe medicine for your quick recovery. He might directs you to be hospitalized to treat the dehydration.

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  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, May 7, 2019

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