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Claim Compensation For Any Lost or Delayed Luggage

You may come across a number of problems at the airport like delayed flight, airport parking problems or problems in the security check-in area due to the presence of banned things in your luggage. You must yourself prepared for the unusual happenings and try to reach the airport ahead of your flight to deal with unexpected situations. Avail cheap airport parking deals and book your parking spot in advance to get rid of any parking issue on your travelling day.

It is your legal right to claim compensation from your airline if you find your check-in luggage delayed, lost or damaged.  You can only claim if it is  due to airline’s fault.

You are mostly paid by the airline if:

  • Your luggage essential like toiletries and undergarments are delayed
  • In case of luggage loss or damage, airline pay for the content replacement or lost.
  • The Transport cost is paid to you, if you have to reach the airport, collect the luggage after a few days

In case of any damaged luggage or loss, immediately report the airline. If you have logged the problem in property irregularity report (PIR), then you have already reported the problem to airport staff, that lets your airline know about the issue you are facing. Keep a copy of the PIR with you to support your claim.

In case of luggage loss or delay, your airline has 21 days to find it and hand over to you. If you get the luggage within 21 days, you can still claim the compensation for delayed baggage for the inconvenience and stress you have faced for so many days.

Luggage Claims

You can claim compensation for

  • Damaged luggage or missing content within 7 days of receiving
  • Delayed or missing luggage after 21 days of flight

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  Posted by Sam Grayson on Wed, Jan 23, 2019

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