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Travel News & Updates

How to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fee?

By Leah Murphy Travel News & Updates

"It is always better to exchange currency at a bank or credit union rather than to go for it at an airport kiosk or some other source" Banks and credit unions are undoubted to be the best and most suitable places for the currency exchange, due to their low fees and reasonable exchange price

A potentially dangerous weapon that closely resembles the iPhone has been seized at Heathrow airport. The weapons were taken from a father and son aged 69 and 30, who landed on Thursday at Heathrow airport from Bangkok. They belong from Caerphilly. The stun guns were found in their luggage.

Food Poisoning – How to Deal With it at the Destination?

By Leah Murphy Travel News & Updates

While travelling in a country completely unknown to you, you can always expect travel nightmares. You really feel bad when you have spent months planning your vacations, but suddenly understand that you have caught food poisoning at the destination. You have to spend a lot of your time in yo

As the spring is approaching, we should enjoy some pleasant weather on the continent to escape the sun in Europe. EasyJet has actually made it quite easier by adding four new routes from Manchester. They have made a significant increase in the investment in North West and from this summer, f

2018 – Best Passenger Rate at Heathrow Airport

By Leah Murphy Travel News & Updates

Heathrow Airport has experienced 2018 to be the best year, as it is reported to experience a tremendous increase in the number of passengers in its 90 year history. 80.1 million passengers have used Heathrow airport for their travelling purpose, a 2.7 percent increase from last year, i.e., 2

Handling the Airport Parking Issues at Birmingham Airport

By Leah Murphy Travel News & Updates

Birmingham is the UK’s 7th busiest airport serving the needs of millions of people every year. According to 2017 statistics, 12.9 million passengers have opted to travel from Birmingham airport for their travelling purposes. It’s located at a distance of about six miles from the center o