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Useful Travel Tips for a Worry Free Vacation

Any trip you take is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Be it a road trip or a flying experience you wouldn’t want the good memories to be stained. This is the reason why each domain of the journey must be planned well so that you have a pleasant ride. To have an unforgettable journey from the start to the end you must follow a few tips. For smart travelling you can start with most recent airport parking platform.

British Airplane

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Travel Insurance

When you avail travel insurance it basically acts like security. You can get it as soon as you book your tour.

Carry a Small Bag Throughout the Trip

When you are touring a foreign place you should be able to maneuver easily. Having a small bag will let you do that for sure. You will easily find your way through crowded places. When you are aware of the fact that there is a hotel room where you can put all your belongings then you can just take the most important items with you while you are touring.

Try Tour Packages

If you cannot plan a trip on your own then you can try travel packages. These could be attained from a travel agent. You can negotiate the price according to your budget.

Before you set off make sure to grab compare airport parking deals in advance. Early booking is a catch when it comes to saving cash!

Travel Insurance – All You Need to Know Being a British Passenger!

Had you ever been sick during an abroad travel? How much you had to pay in the name of medical expenses during that trip? Will it not be a great idea to purchase travel insurance to get your medical expenses covered in case of any medical assistance?  Many British are now opting to purchase travel insurance ahead of their abroad trip to cover the cost of unexpected expenses during the travel.

Travel insurance mostly covers:

  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Any emergency medical expenses
  • Cost of a delayed or cancelled flight
  • Any personal liability in which you are sued for causing any injury or damaging a property


Travel Insurance for Abroad Travel

You will not get a travel insurance cover in any of below case:

  • If your age is above 65 years or you have a certain medical condition.
  • Any winter, adventure sports or dangerous activity is not covered under travel insurance
  • Those countries that have been asked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to avoid, are not covered by travel insurance. Check out the most updated list on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Website.
  • Any strike, civil unrests, terrorist attack or earthquake


When you are EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) holder then you will get all the facilities that are being offered to the citizen of your visiting country. However, EHIC does not cover repatriation cost, hence any medical emergency while on the trip can be very costly.

If you want to get protection for your entire abroad trip, then you must look for a holiday insurance policy as it covers all aspects of travelling.

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British Airways Passengers Have to Face Delays Due to Baggage System Failure!

Due to a fault in the airline baggage system, thousands of British Airways passengers have to wait for a number of hours to check-in at Heathrow Airport. The issue started at approximately 8:00 Am British Standard Time, and then the staff has to go for a slower manual procedure to check-in luggage.

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This fault occurred at Terminal 3 and Gatwick Airport, affecting Terminal 5 the most.  British Airways stated that the system is working now and the backlog will be cleared “Soon”.

Airport Parking Heathrow
A number of passengers also complained that they missed their flight due to that problem. Andy Gibbs had complained after reaching the Bologna Airport in Italy, that he didn’t receive his luggage. While talking to the BBC, he said that he is standing in a queue along with the rest of the passengers, but none of them have received their luggage, while they are being asked to fill in the lost luggage form by the airline officials.

According to the airline, a few flights took off without loading the baggage of the customers, and the luggage will be loaded on the very next available flight. Comedian Eddie Izzard was also among the passengers that were stuck at the airport due to this issue.

An official statement has been issued by Heathrow Airport stating that the issues have been resolved after experiencing a fault in the Baggage System Failure and they are working closely with British Airways to ensure a smooth check-in process.

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Smart Travel Deals – Making Airport Parking Easier for Passengers!

Have you any travel plans this summer? If yes, then what about the arrangements of travel essentials? Have you reserved your flight and accommodation at the destination? What about airport parking? If no, then what are you waiting for? If you are not a novice traveller, you must be aware of the troubles and stresses airport parking can offer to the passengers who reach the airport without any prior arrangements. On-site parking must be avoided due to its high parking rates along with no proper arrangements to ensure the safety and security of the vehicles in its lots.

Smart Travel Deals are ensuring the provision of quality parking services at major airports in the UK i.e., Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Luton, Heathrow, and Stansted. While travelling from any of these airports, we provide you a comparison of different parking options available, so that you can choose the most suitable one for your car. You just need to spend an extra 10 minutes online ahead of your departure to secure a discounted code that can help you to cut your parking cost.

Airport Parking Booking

All our parking operators are reliable, authenticated and make sure that quality parking services are provided to the passengers. The booking process is easy, simple and easy to understand.

 Below are the steps you have to follow while looking for your airport parking arrangements:

  • Open Smart Travel Deals website
  • Enter your travelling dates along with the airport from which you will be departing
  • Enter your travelling details
  • A list of available car parks will be shown after clicking the search
  • Compare all available options along with the features and prices
  • Book the ideal one for you depending upon your preference
  • Make an online payment to secure your spot whatever peak travelling days it might be
  • Receive the confirmation email and go through the instructions that you have to follow on your departure day

Check out airport parking deals at Smart Travel Deals to book the most suitable option for your car.

An automatic discount code will be added to your search for every airport so that you can avail the discount without any hidden cost.

Below are the minimum prices for airport parking at these airports:

Manchester Airport Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £34.95
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £57

Gatwick Airport Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £36.10
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £43.70

Birmingham Airport  Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £34.95
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £41.94

Heathrow Airport  Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £28.50
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £32.30

Luton Airport  Parking

  • Parking price for 3 days starts from £42.75
  • Parking price for 5 days starts from £53.20

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How to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fee?

“It is always better to exchange currency at a bank or credit union rather than to go for it at an airport kiosk or some other source”

Banks and credit unions are undoubted to be the best and most suitable places for the currency exchange, due to their low fees and reasonable exchange price.

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Foreign Currency Exchange

How to exchange currency before the trip?

If you are looking for currency exchange before the beginning of your travel, it would be the best thing to do as you will be able to get the best rates due to availability of time. Banks and credit unions mostly offer currency exchange to the customers with a little fee.

How to exchange currency in abroad?

Avoid airport kiosks or other sources like that, for currency exchange once you have landed at the destination. The best option there will be to use your bank’s ATM network.  This will allow you to withdraw cash in local currency with a little exchange fee, not more than 3%. If your bank ATM charges a fee, then try to withdraw larger amounts to avoid paying out of network ATM charges along with the foreign transaction fee.

How to manage currency exchange after the trip?

More likely, you will be offered the best deal at your bank but you must keep in mind that the bank might not accept all types of currencies. Hence, delay the exchange only when you are sure that a particular currency will be accepted at your bank, otherwise, make use of currency kiosk at the airport for an exchange (no doubt you will not get the best rate but it is better to avoid trouble at the later stage).

If you are not able to sell the foreign currency, I would recommend you to consider donating it at the destination or airport and be a part to improve the lives of some needy people in the world.

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Are You Looking for Stress-Free Summer Travel?

Planning a trip is really a great idea to ensure a good and hassle-free experience of summer holidays. Every passenger wishes to have a joyful time with his family during the trip. It’s the ideal time to expect and accept the madness of youth and kids. Arranging a perfect and smooth vacation doesn’t require a lot of money and efforts, but you only need to be smart enough to pick the right options at the right time. Advance planning keeps you away from the trouble of last minute arrangements and helps you to take a smooth beginning of your journey.

Stress-Free Summer Travel

Make sure to follow these useful tips for a lovely summer trip this year:

  • Choose an appropriate destination
  • Pre-book cheap park and ride Birmingham parking service
  • Pack your luggage smartly during the summer, keep it light as you don’t need jackets!
  • Arrange your accommodation in advance
  • Avail off-site airport parking deals to save money and time

Make sure to go for planning your travel at least a few weeks ahead of your travel so that once you head to the airport, you are relaxed knowing that you have made each and every arrangement for your travel essentials.

Always select a destination where you have never gone with your family. Also, give value to the suggestion given by your kids and parents

Check out best airport parking deals at Smart Travel Deals and avail the discounted packages being offered with the advance reservation

Avail online facility to book your accommodation at the destination in advance, rather than to go for it once you land there. Mostly the hotels demand extra charges from those looking for last minute hotel rooms.

How to Navigate through Heathrow Airport Being a Young Traveller?

Every year, around 70 million passengers reach at Heathrow airport, according to their travelling needs, ultimately making Heathrow the busiest by a significant margin. Due to its announcement of the third runway, soon it will be quoted as the world’s biggest airport.

Heathrow Airport Parking

Are you scheduled to fly from Heathrow airport for your upcoming travel? Compare airport parking options to book the ideal one for your vehicle. You can also save an extra amount of money via pre-booking meet and greet Heathrow.

There is a chance that you easily get lost in such a huge airport. No one can afford to go into the wrong terminal with a few minutes left in his flight take off.

Our guide below will help you to navigate through Heathrow airport easily without much trouble.

  • Check out the terminal you will be reaching to take your flight. There are five terminals at Heathrow airport. Terminal 1 is not operational since 2015. If you reach the wrong terminal, take a shuttle service to get back to the correct one.
  • Never assume that you don’t need to reach earlier at the airport just because you have a printed boarding pass and with hand luggage only. You must keep an account of the traffic on roads and any delays while reaching the airport.
  • Search and download the Heathrow Airport Guide App on your cell phone so that navigation becomes easier once you reach the airport.
  • While you stay at the airport, if you have any questions, you are free to tweet the social media team @HeathrowAirport
  • If you have to stay longer at Heathrow due to your connecting flight, you can order food from the restaurants offering 15-minutes menu, means they are committed to serve food on your table within 15 minutes, hence getting you rid of long waitings for the food.
  • While travelling with kids, you will find a number of restaurants offering free food deals for the kids

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Important Parking Tips for the Passengers at Luton Airport!

While heading for the airport you must think about the parking troubles that you might have to face at the official parking compound. You can easily put all your stresses and concerned at bay if you have opted for off-site parking option instead.

While planning our travel, we mostly concentrate on the matters that we consider as travel essentials. Airport parking is the domain that is ignored by most of the passengers. Hence, it is recommended by the frequent flyers that as soon as you finalize your trip, find out an appropriate parking deal so that once you reach the airport on your flying day, you are oblivious to what is happening in the on-site parking compound.

Luton Airport Parking

Image Source Photo Credit Hakan Dahlstrom

To avail the ideal parking deals, you need to find out a suitable comparison website like Smart Travel Deals that gives you the platform to compare cheap airport parking options and pick the most appropriate one for your vehicle.

There are a lot of benefits associated with the off-site parking option. Most importantly, it gives you a safe and secure parking spot. You don’t have to make an effort to find out a parking space, hence saving a lot of your precious time. Off-site parking procedure is completed within a few minutes of your arrival at the airport, as a chauffeur/valet is appointed to provide you airport parking services and saves you from the trouble of self-parking.

If you are looking for money saving airport parking options than Luton park and ride is the ideal service for you. The parking rates are considerably low, but the quality of the service is never compromised! Being a budget traveller, you must proceed with the booking process at your earliest to avoid paying extra with last minute reservation.

You Are Allowed to Bring Liquids at Heathrow Airport Now!

Do you know that hand luggage rules are going to be changed at Heathrow airport? This means that now passengers can easily carry liquids, including cosmetics and drinks in their hand luggage. Are you thinking how is it possible?

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Life is going to become a lot easier for the passengers at the airport now because of these new regulations, potentially allowing the liquids to be carried in hand luggage. Previously, all the liquids above the 100 ml limit, and without a sealed bag packing were confiscated at the  security, but 3D equipment called computed tomography scanners, are being installed at the security that will not only save time for the passengers but will also help to make packing a simpler process.

According to the airport sources, about £50 million scanners are being planned to be installed by 2022, that will produce a detailed and accurate image of the liquids and electronic equipment in the luggage. This practice will definitely help to reduce liquid bans. It is also hoped that the liquid ban might end entirely due to this technology.

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Those cutting-edge types of equipment will not only ensure the safety of the airport, but will also help the passenger to spend more time over travel essentials rather than to get prepared for hectic security screening.

Previously, this technology has been trialled in Europe and America. Department for Transport is planning to trial it outside the London airports, this summer.

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A Potentially Lethal iPhone Lookalike Stun Gun Seized at Heathrow Security!

A potentially dangerous weapon that closely resembles the iPhone has been seized at Heathrow airport. The weapons were taken from a father and son aged 69 and 30, who landed on Thursday at Heathrow airport from Bangkok. They belong from Caerphilly. The stun guns were found in their luggage. Both of them remain in custody.

The illegal weapons people tried to smuggle through Heathrow Airport

The illegal weapons people tried to smuggle through Heathrow (Image: NCA)

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A picture of “Electronic Riots” devices capable of killing a human has been shared by The National Crime Agency.

A potential lethal volt shock of 80,000 can be delivered by the high-powered stun gun. Although it is illegal in the UK, but are available online for sale. Anyone can buy these devices online for just £15.

In 2014, these devices were cropped for the first time and are sporadically being seen since then. It is housed in a replica of the iPhone 5 or SE, the phone is similar to a normal Apple device at first look.

There is an electrode on the casing, designed initially for the Americal market, where such devices are not banned as it has been clearly mentioned: “ideal present for friends and family”. But possessing a stun gun can sentence 10 years of jail for the owner.

The electric charge of the cell is triggered by the volume button. They send power to the electrodes at the top of the phone at the point where the power button would be. It is being predicted that these stun guns are shipped from Hong Kong to Switzerland and then delivered to the UK.

A signed declaration on the box states “This item does not contain any dangerous article or articles prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs legislation.” But the reality is that such devices are very dangerous and can take the life of a human easily.

According to a police source “We are finding more and more of these along with drugs and other weapons on raids in cities across the UK. Many are one-offs, ordered through the post by misguided people, but others are being used by gangsters for robberies or torturing rivals. They can incapacitate, cause bad scarring and, at worst, kill people.”

This device similar to iPhone was among the number of weapons that were shared by the National Crime Agency on Twitter warning “Jetting off on holiday? Here’s a selection of #IllegalWeapons seized at the airport. #PackSmart – don’t bring any of these homes with you.”

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Luton Airport Security Staff Striking Again Over Shifts Issue!

Airport security staff at Luton airport is all set to strike again over the bank holiday weekend due to the changes in their shift pattern.

The member of the union will walk out from Thursday i.e., 23 May till 3rd of June, including the bank holiday weekend too in the strike days.

It is their second strike of the month, as they stopped working between 1st- 5th  May and then between 7th- 13th May over shifts protest. The union says that about 120 security guards will be affected as a result of new shift patterns and they would have to work 15 days extra in a year due to shift changes. According to the union, the members are angry over these changes, so they are heading for a strike again.

Luton Airport Parking

But the good news for the passengers is that Luton airport has announced that contingency plan is available to ensure that there is minimum disruption during the strike days.

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What is the version of the union regarding strike?

Jeff Hodge, Unite regional officer states “security guards at Luton airport are preparing to set up their campaign against management’s heavy-handed changes”

In their allegations, the union says that the airport is forcing its workers to work for remarkably unsocial hours. Due to new shifts, the workers will only get nine weekends in a year. Unite believes that the security staff is not being recruited keeping in view of the ever increasing number of passengers and ultimately the burden is increasing over the existing staff.

What is Luton airport plan to diffuse strike effects?

As was the case with the previous strike earlier this month, the airport again has “robust contingency plans” to efficiently handle any potential disruptions.

The airport spokesperson has reassured the passengers that only a small number of their security staff is involved in the strike, hence there is no chance of any major disruptions during the strike days. According to him, there were no major problems witnessed during their strike earlier this month and the passengers average time of waiting was not more than five minutes. The same plan is going to be implemented for their next protest too. He further added that the negotiation doors with the union are always open!

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Why Meet and Greet is the Most Preferred Airport Parking Option?

Nowadays, parking is not an easy task at Heathrow airport and this chore really have the potential to make your travel troublesome. Parking at a busy airport is undoubtedly a hazardous task for travellers.  The best part of travelling is that you feel excited and get rid of the daily hectic routine. Proper planning is only possible when you go ahead with it in advance to ensure a comfortable and smooth trip.

meet and greet at Heathrow

If you reach the airport without any prior cheap airport parking arrangements on your departure day and then look for last minute reservation, you must get ready to face below issues:

  • High parking fees
  • No space available
  • Not enough time to verify the reliability of the service
  • Risk your flight
  • Unsecured parking compound
  • Damaged vehicle upon return

If you have not booked an authenticated and reliable parking source in advance, then you must get ready to face above mentioned issues at Heathrow airport. It is always better to plan your things in advance so that you have enough time to verify the reliability of the parking service.

Booking meet and greet Heathrow parking service, provides travellers with the below benefits:

  • Rates are reasonably lower than an on-site parking lot
  • You can easily check the authentication of the service by availing online search facility
  • You are guaranteed with the safety of your vehicle
  • A professional chauffeur is appointed to provide you airport parking services
  • A lot of your precious time is saved at departure and arrival

Everyone makes certain plans for his trip to arrange travel essentials. You must keep airport parking among the tasks that need to be handled in advance ahead of your departure. A little search can really help to eliminate the troubles from your entire travelling procedure and helps you to enjoy a wonderful trip with your family.

Food Poisoning – How to Deal With it at the Destination?

While travelling in a country completely unknown to you, you can always expect travel nightmares. You really feel bad when you have spent months planning your vacations, but suddenly understand that you have caught food poisoning at the destination. You have to spend a lot of your time in your hotel washroom. Being so sick, you can have no fun and have to sit in your hotel room expecting to get better.

Food Poisoning Affects Your Travel

If you are planning a family trip in upcoming summer vacations, reserve cheap airport parking deals to plan your airport parking in advance.

You can contract this disease from undercooked meat, raw fish, dirty water, or sunny-side-up eggs. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever, diarrhea are one of the few symptoms of food poisoning.

If you are one of those unlucky travellers who have to face food-borne sickness, don’t worry your holidays are not going to be spoiled. Below tips can really help you to recover quickly:

  • Due to diarrhea and vomits, you might lose the fluid in your body. You should drink plenty of water to deal with diarrhea.
  • Drink electrolyte-fortified liquids like Coconut water and Gatorade. They really help in recovery. Soup and crackers also help a lot in restoring the much-needed electrolytes.
  • After feeling better, revert back to solid foods slowly. Eat in portions and if your stomach feels any sickness again, shift to liquid diet again.
  • Avoid coffee, dairy foods, fried and spicy foods, as they can easily upset your digestive tract
  • If you are vomiting, see blood in stool or vomit, suffering from diarrhea for more than two days, feeling severe cramps or symptoms of dehydration like dry mouth and dizziness, you should immediately take an appointment with a local doctor so that he can prescribe medicine for your quick recovery. He might directs you to be hospitalized to treat the dehydration.

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How Park and Ride is Benefitting Travellers at Busy Airports?

Have you availed on-site airport parking during your last trip? Were you worried about the safety of your vehicle throughout your travel? If this is the case, then you should give a try to off-site parking option for your upcoming travel.

On-site parking lots never give any guarantee about the safety of the vehicles in its parking compounds. When you reach the airport on your departure day, no one will be available to help you with the parking task. You have to make your own efforts to secure appropriate space for your car. Whether it takes a few minutes or a couple of hours, you have to do it yourself. The situation becomes even more difficult when you find a spot far away from the terminal and then have to drag heavy luggage back to the check-in terminal. You might risk your flight in this hectic process.

Will it not be a smart move to incline towards a better parking solution as the traditional method has lots of flaws and disadvantages for the passengers? Check out cheap airport parking option at Smart Travel Deals to reserve parking space at Luton airport.

Luton Airport Parking

Park and ride, is the ideal parking option for the budget travellers due to its quality parking services at economical rates. With this parking service, you are allowed to park your vehicle in the reserved parking lot with your satisfaction, without relying on the services of a chauffeur.

On your departure day, you reach the parking lot, park your vehicle and then hop up the shuttle bus to reach the airport. You can enjoy your vacation or business trip with peace of mind as you have made perfect parking arrangements for your vehicle. Upon your return, you reach back the parking compound through shuttle service to receive your car back. This is how the park and ride has made airport parking a simple and straight forward process.

The booking process has started, book Luton cheap airport parking to grab your parking spot now!

How to Book Cheap Airport Parking with Smart Travel Deals?

Airports are one of the busiest public places where every traveller seems to be in a hurry. It is really challenging when you are in a hurry to clear the security check and complete the boarding process. There are limited areas allocated by every airport to provide car parking facilities to the travellers, but they are not enough to meet the parking requirements of large number passengers. Hence, passengers have to look for the other off-site sources which are providing parking facilities to the travellers at busier airports.

Book Airport Parking

Smart Travel Deals services are not confined to a single airport. We provide off-site parking services at 6 major airports in the UK i.e., Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Heathrow, Stansted, and Luton. When you are travelling from any one of these airports, consider Smart Travel Deals for your airport parking services.

Compare Meet and Greet Heathrow Rates

The booking process is simple, straight and easy to understand so that those who are not very much familiar with the internet, can also proceed with the reservation process without depending upon anyone else.

The reservation process includes:

  • Select the airport you are scheduled to fly
  • Enter the dates and times you will be travelling and click get a quote to get all the deals available. A 10% discounted code will be automatically applied when you will click for a quote
  • Take a few minutes to go through all the offers along with services and then go ahead with the reservation process.
  • Compare airport parking deals that are available during your travelling dates. Select between meet & greet and park & ride service depending upon your budget and parking need.
  • Once you have selected for a particular service for your upcoming airport parking, enter your personal and vehicle details and verify them.
  • Approve reservation to proceed with the online payment and wait for the email confirming your spot
  • Follow the instructions sent in the email on completion of the booking process


At the moment we are only providing airport parking services, but soon will be extending our services. Book your parking slot with meet and greet Heathrow to ensure a wonderful stay at Heathrow airport.

Meet and Greet – Hidden Benefits that You Never Knew!

Birmingham airport is among the airports that are seen jam-packed throughout the year. It serves the travelling needs of millions of British people every year. Daily flights are scheduled for Europe, Asia, and Africa from Birmingham airport. A number of airlines are operating there to take away the passengers to their destinations. Along with official parking lots, various off-site airport parking options are available for travellers at Birmingham airport.

Birmingham Airport Parking

Meet and greet Birmingham caters the airport parking needs of the passengers along with the benefits more than any other parking amenity. You are catered with budget or luxury parking services, depending upon your requirement and budget.

Some of the advantages associated with parking options include:

  • One of the great advantages of meet and greet service is that you can avail the online reservation facility without facing the trouble of calling the company to reserve your parking space. Once you reach the airport terminal on your departure day, a well-uniformed chauffeur takes your car to the parking lot, hence letting you head to the check-in terminal within few minutes.
  • Your vehicle is kept at secure parking bays, so once you are back on completion of the trip, your car will be returned to you at the airport terminal. It will really save you from the trouble of waiting at the terminal.
  • The off-site parking amenities really value your money and does everything possible to provide you the best and quality airport parking services. The better quality services ultimately give you peace of mind and you enjoy the trip knowing the fact that your car is completely taken care in your absence.
  • When you go with the reservation of a parking spot in advance, you save yourself extra by availing the discounted package being offered with pre-booking.

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Airport Shopping – Never a Good Option for Budget Travellers!

In case you forget an essential item back home or simply searching out a way to pass the time at the airport, the best idea to get yourself engaged for some time can be in no way better than airport shopping. Although it can never be a good move for your wallet in any sense, but still it is one of the best options you have to kill time at the airport. Prices at the airport shops are considerably higher, so the ideal situation will be to just go ahead with the window shopping and make all the essential purchases beforehand. You can save you time, hassles and money with the help of advance planning.

Things to Avoid Buying at the Airport

Have a look at cheap airport parking options at Smart Travel Deals and choose the most suitable one for your next airport parking.

You should never buy any of the following things while visiting the airport shops:

  • Long waiting at the airport can be a lot boring. To fix the battle with boredom, you might go to an airport shop and look for interesting books and magazines to kill your time. But it can cost you high, so it is recommended to bring the books and magazines from home so that you do not need them to buy them at the airport.
  • A long-hauled flight can instigate neck and back pain during the flight. Do not forget to bring a neck-pillow for you instead of buying it from an airport shop
  • In case you are interested to make your trip a memorable one, never opt for the airport souvenir being too costly. The better option is to take pictures that will not only be a lot more meaningful, but will add beautiful memories to your old age too
  • Avoid taking meals at the airport, being too expensive. It is so because airport restaurants have to pay higher for the operating costs
  • Do not forget to carry your headphones, otherwise it will cost you high. Being a travel essential, you will be forced to buy it at the airport, at a higher price
  • Check out the latest deals for airport parking Birmingham and initiate a stress-free stay at Birmingham airport.

How to Make Perfect Arrangements for Your Pet Before Leaving for a Trip?

If you are planning to stay in a hotel that does not allow to carry pets with you, then you will require to find out a pet sitter for you. The pet sitter may be a neighbour, relative or a friend who agrees to take care of your pet in your absence or could be a professional one that has actually made pet caring his career.

For short term trips, it is the best option to ask for the help of a neighbour or friend, who can visit your home to check-in on your pets, refill their food dishes and water bowl, and can spend some time with them. But, if your trip constitutes of a number of days, it is better to hire the services of a professional pet sitter, so that you do not need to stress about the safety and health of your pet during your entire travel.

Leaving for a long vacation trip, do not forget to make proper arrangement for your pet and cheap airport parking.

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding means you select a boarding facility for your pet, where the owner takes care of the animal in your absence. It is particularly good for you if you have a dog who loves social interaction since a particular boarding facility will have pets from other people too.

Some boarding houses hire certified veterinarians to deal with any immediate health issue with an animal kept with them.

A number of boarding houses give owners the convenience of monitoring through the live cameras to ensure that your pet is properly taken care of.

Prefer the boarding facility that has a pool and fields so that your pet can have regular exercise while you are away.

Pet Sitter

Professional Petsitter

In case you are not comfortable to send your pet to boarding, then you should consider hiring the services of a professional pet-sitter. Your pet does not have to get acquainted with the new surroundings if you will arrange a pet-sitter for him. It will be actually priceless when you have peace of mind that your pet is completely safe and sound back at home.

Whatever arrangements you make for your pet, the safety and health of your animal should never be compromised. Cheap Heathrow park and ride is the ideal service, if you are looking for long-term parking options.

What You Should Do to Release Your Travel Anxiety?

While arranging your travel for your business or family trip, the most worrying factor on your departure day is to find out a suitable spot for your vehicle so that you can get your car without any damage upon your return. You must be aware of the fact that airport parking is not an easy task to handle. If you are considering to make your airport parking arrangements on your departure day, then definitely you are wrong and are on the verge of facing a lot of troubles ahead of your flight.

Luton Airport Parking

On-site parking never gives you any assurance about the safety and security of your vehicle in your absence. Fortunately, you have the best solution to all these concerns now in the form of off-site parking option. All you need is to make the reservation for cheap airport parking option depending upon your budget and parking requirements in advance to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay at the airport on your departure day.

If you have opted for the park and ride option, you are instructed to drive to your booked parking compound on your departure day. Park your car, take out the luggage and make your way to the reception. It is very important to let the parking staff know about your arrival so that they can confirm and update their record, about your vehicle parking in their parking lot. The parking staff guides you to the nearby bus stop from where you can hop up the shuttle bus service to reach the airport.

Enjoy your stay at the airport, plane and later on the destination knowing the fact that your vehicle is completely safe and secure with our Luton park and ride service provider. Once you land back on completion of your travel, take the shuttle service again to reach the parking lot where you have parked your vehicle, let the parking staff know about your return so that they can update their record again, hence allowing you to get your car back. That’s all, this is how you can actually experience a simple, easy and comfortable airport parking with Smart Travel Deals!

Park and Ride – Best Solution for Your Birmingham Airport Parking!

Birmingham International Airport is situated at a distance of 7 nautical miles, in east-southeast of Birmingham city centre. While travelling through the Birmingham airport, you can easily get rid of stressful on-site parking by reserving one of our quality off-site service providers at Smart Travel Deals. Booking an off-site parking amenity is the cheapest and the most brisk way to get rid of on-site parking troubles.

Whether you prefer to self-park your vehicle instead of availing the services of a chauffeur, prefer cost over the convenience factor or looking for the flexibility with your reservation; you will not have any trouble to find something suiting your requirements with the help of cheap airport parking deals.

Our parking service operators offer lowest rates on off-site parking services and ensure the provision of top quality services according to your expectations, while flying out of Birmingham airport.

Birmingham Airport Parking

If you are not comfortable with handing your car keys to an unknown chauffeur/driver, no problem at all, we are here to provide you with a better alternative! With park and ride service, you are instructed to reach the reserved parking lot at your departure day and park your vehicle. You are guided by the parking staff towards a complimentary shuttle bus service that drops you off at Birmingham airport terminal. When you arrive back at the airport upon the completion of your trip, you again hop up the shuttle bus to reach the parking lot and receive your vehicle, after informing the parking staff about your return.

Nothing can be easier than that! Isn’t it? Passengers are guaranteed a tension free, rapid and hassle-free transfer from the parking compound to the terminal with Birmingham park and ride. It is one of the many stress-free airport parking options available through Smart Travel Deals. Check out the options available and reserve the most appropriate one for your car!