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Amazing Airport Hacks to Change How You Travel

“Keep it Simple, Idiot”, You must have heard such comments in your life. This statement very well applies to air travel too. We are going to share with you our most tested airport hacks that will completely change the perception of your travel.

Easy to Spot Luggage

Planning travel in the coming days? Make sure to compare Manchester airport parking deals and secure a one to reserve parking space for your car on your departure day.

Smartphones and Gadgets

You must keep in mind how long it is going to reach your destination. In the case of long travelling hours, you may need to have a portable charger with you so that your smartphone never runs out of battery during your travel.


Check online to get complete info about the Wi-Fi arrangements at all the airports you have to stay while travelling. Make arrangements in advance if you come to know that a certain airport is not providing free Wi-Fi facility.


Ensure your valuable belongings to be kept in the hand luggage so that you don’t need to throw them in the trays to avoid any mishandling.

Baggage allowance

In order to avoid any hassle on your departure day, confirm with your online about the baggage allowance through online research.

Easy to spot luggage

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to identify your luggage among hundreds of suitcase more or less similar to you. You can tie a colourful ribbon around the handle along with a bright and shining sticker so that you can spot it easily.

Airport parking

Compare airport parking deals on Smart Travel Deals and secure space for your car parking at the airport

Empty water bottle

Carry an empty water bottle through the security and fill it up on the other side. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated during the flight and it’s really frustrating to wait for the miserable plastic little cup of water.

Keep a note of these really handy airport hacks for your upcoming travel. These may seem to be very little things, but they really guaranteed a smooth journey.

  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, Jan 22, 2019

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