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A Potentially Lethal iPhone Lookalike Stun Gun Seized at Heathrow Security!

A potentially dangerous weapon that closely resembles the iPhone has been seized at Heathrow airport. The weapons were taken from a father and son aged 69 and 30, who landed on Thursday at Heathrow airport from Bangkok. They belong from Caerphilly. The stun guns were found in their luggage. Both of them remain in custody.

The illegal weapons people tried to smuggle through Heathrow Airport

The illegal weapons people tried to smuggle through Heathrow (Image: NCA)

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A picture of “Electronic Riots” devices capable of killing a human has been shared by The National Crime Agency.

A potential lethal volt shock of 80,000 can be delivered by the high-powered stun gun. Although it is illegal in the UK, but are available online for sale. Anyone can buy these devices online for just £15.

In 2014, these devices were cropped for the first time and are sporadically being seen since then. It is housed in a replica of the iPhone 5 or SE, the phone is similar to a normal Apple device at first look.

There is an electrode on the casing, designed initially for the Americal market, where such devices are not banned as it has been clearly mentioned: “ideal present for friends and family”. But possessing a stun gun can sentence 10 years of jail for the owner.

The electric charge of the cell is triggered by the volume button. They send power to the electrodes at the top of the phone at the point where the power button would be. It is being predicted that these stun guns are shipped from Hong Kong to Switzerland and then delivered to the UK.

A signed declaration on the box states “This item does not contain any dangerous article or articles prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs legislation.” But the reality is that such devices are very dangerous and can take the life of a human easily.

According to a police source “We are finding more and more of these along with drugs and other weapons on raids in cities across the UK. Many are one-offs, ordered through the post by misguided people, but others are being used by gangsters for robberies or torturing rivals. They can incapacitate, cause bad scarring and, at worst, kill people.”

This device similar to iPhone was among the number of weapons that were shared by the National Crime Agency on Twitter warning “Jetting off on holiday? Here’s a selection of #IllegalWeapons seized at the airport. #PackSmart – don’t bring any of these homes with you.”

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  Posted by Leah Murphy on Tue, May 28, 2019

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